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WELCOME to LSB's Rabbitry And Remember...You're no bunny 'till some bunny loves you!!


My handsome boy Jack Paul Servi

16 short years gifted from God.

March 23, 2000 - August 19, 2016

Gone to Soon.

Stop the Choking Game

Jack's Story

To learn a lot more about the deadly teen fad killing our youth predominately ages 8 - 16 years old known by many names including "The Choking Game" please go to Erik's Cause or Ed4Ed4All for free curriculum for schools:

Consider a donation to these organizations or donate to me and I will give it them:


What is the choking game?

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2018 News Story


NBC 15 2021 News Story 2


LSB's L.O.V.E Some Bunny Rabbitry, is a small home based rabbitry specializing in gentle and show-able Holland Lop rabbits that make excellent pets or excel at rabbit shows. I have been breeding them for 40 years!! I am located in Pardeeville, Wisconsin, which is about 30 miles north of Madison. My name is Michelle Servi. I have been raising Holland Lop rabbits since I was nine years old! Hollands are a little more tricky to breed, so it took me about 10 years to have successful litters! I can give you my honest opinion on your bunnies and help you get started in the wonderful world of bunnies! I have always loved the Holland Lops. They are the smallest of the lop eared rabbits, ideally weighing between 3 and 4 pounds when fully grown and come into two different types - the true dwarfs (smaller and shorter ears, show type) and the false dwarfs (usually end up weighing 4 pounds or more - more pet or brood type). I also like their great temperament and personality. My kids love this breed! They are the perfect apartment pet and make great 4H projects. I have sold numerous bunnies to college students, kids and retirees. Please feel free to sign our guest book. If you are in 4h and looking for help getting started I am glad to help you out there too. I will be honest with you about what you are looking for, setting goals and helping your to improve your breeding. The hardest part of breeding bunnies is selling them, as I want to keep them all. Can you blame me? The best part about breeding bunnies is seeing the kids happy with their new bunny! To see current rabbits for sale go to our for sale page or click this link....

Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

Michelle Servi

email: [email protected]

FYI --My primary goal is temperament, then show quality.

Places my bunnies have gone to: Boston, New York, San Jose California, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, and three to Canada. If I missed anyone out there let me know!

PRICES of Rabbits

  • Pet quality baby bunnies are $80.00 each, but do not come with pedigrees. These are 8 weeks old or older. If you would like your pets pedigree it is available for 10.00 extra.
  • Show Potential. $100.00-$300.00 depending on the age, type, color and potential to win and will include the pedigree. Normally baby 8 week old show potential bunnies are 100.00 each and go up as they mature. 8 week old bunnies are normally not tattooed for showing just yet. Normally if the show bunny if over 3 months old here, it is already tattooed for showing.
  • Older pet or retirement bunnies occasionally available. These are 6 months old or older. Bunnies that I may be retiring from breeding or no longer showing. They will be good pet candidate and are 20.00 each.
  • Show quality true dwarf bucks and does junior prices (under 6 months old) start at $1000.00 and go up depending on what I feel the quality/winnings/potential is. * show potential - No guarantee can be made with any bunny I sell about showing. Please dont expect to buy a 40.00 bunny and win in the shows. My older more expensively priced bunnies would be a better choice if you are looking to place high in the shows plan on spending alot more money per rabbit. Thanks for understanding.I have had many people request a pet and six months later I see them with their "pet" at the show and showing them on the show table only to be disappointed. Make sure you specific show or pet and be honest or you will not stand any chance of winning with a pet in the show for 4H or Arba shows.
  • I do accept credit card payment on site now or you can prepay at home through Paypal for payments to: [email protected] or cash in person - no checks due to problems. You can also mail me a post office money order. Occasionally I do barter for rabbits as well.
  • 4H discounts as well as a multi purchase discount for youth.
  • I strongly suggest that new bunny owners purchase one bag of the bunny food they are use to eating to get you off to a good start. 40 lb Bags are $35.00 each. This price covers my gas, time and delivery costs to get it to my home.

Check out my Holland Lops For Sale Page.


You can email me at [email protected] to be put on a waiting list for bunnies too. You can also text me to see if I have any juniors or senior rabbits for sale. Not all rabbits are always listed for sale. All of our bunnies are handled and raised with children.

My kids through the years.




Megan and Jack @Dalton Farm @ North Lake WI June 2014



Jack and Megan August 2016


2017 Megan Graduates High School

2018 Florida Keys

2018 Florida Keys Vacation with Megan

Megan Dec 2018 Puerta Vallarta, Mexico




August 2021

Thrivent Choking Game Lunch and Learn

American Rabbit Breeders Assocation Member ARBA # SKINMI00

I am a long standing member of the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association), the Wisconsin Rabbit Breeders Association, Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club, and the Midwest Holland Lop Club. 

Rabbit Clubs to Join

In order to show your rabbits you have to join the ARBA. Here is the link to join on their site:

I also recommend joining the Wisconsin Rabbit Breeders Association to get the points from showing as well as the catalog which tells you show locations and dates. Here is that link:

Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club:

Joining this club will get you a nice book on Hollands:

The Midwest Holland Lop Club:

Irish Ancestory

The French sociologist, Gustave de Beaumont, visited Ireland in 1835 and wrote: "I have seen the Indian in his forests, and the Negro in his chains, and thought, as I contemplated their pitiable condition, that I saw the very extreme of human wretchedness; but I did not then know the condition of unfortunate Ireland...In all countries, more or less, paupers may be discovered; but an entire nation of paupers is what was never seen until it was shown in Ireland."