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My Beautiful Blue eyed bunnies!!

Vienna Carrier Breeding/show & Pet Bunnies For Sale

Blue eyed white (BEW), vienna maked (vm) aka sports and vienna carrier (vc) bunnies.

Ready Now: Updated 4/2019

  1. vm broken sable point proven doe 80.00
  2. vm harlequin proven doe 125.00
  3. vc broken tri unbred doe 100.00

LSB's Gillian's Harold VC SOLD

  • tort buck vienna carrier
  • dob 12/5/2008
  • sold

Show results:

5/10/2009 1st place junior solid buck Southwest Wisconsin RBC -- good head, ears and type - Judge Koch

5/16/2009 2nd place solid junior buck - Southern Lakes Rabbit Club -good head, ears, type, shoulders, midsection, denisty and texture

BEW Sport bunnies

 sold 5/8/09

Blue Eyed White Holland Lops

 The Blue Eyed White (BEW) is a white rabbit with blue eyes. It is not genetically related to the Red Eyed White (REW). It is its own color.

BEW Carriers can have small white patches of fur on their body. Some have white patches on other parts of the body and many BEW carriers do not show any white marks. If a baby is produced in a litter from a BEW to another colored rabbit – lets say a black – and a colored baby is born, it will carry the Vienna gene for sure, even if it does not have any visual signs of it. The gene that is responsible for the production of the blue eye is called the Vienna gene and it is present in ALL rabbits. The Vienna gene shown in a genotype using the letters V V. A rabbit which is not visually a Blue Eye (and does not have any Vienna breeding behind it) or a carrier of Blue Eye, has two dominant Vienna genes (V V) The gene ONLY comes into play when the recessive gene appears.

The recessive gene is depicted in the genotype with a lower case v - (v). When two recessive genes marry up you will see the resulting baby is a Blue Eyed White (v v). If only one gene is present in the rabbits genetic makeup it will be a carrier (V v). Carriers show themselves in different forms. The carrier of the Vienna gene has had many names over the years and we see different ideas of what it should be called from country to country. Some people call them Sports, others Vienna Marks. It matters not what they are called, as long as we understand the genetic makeup of the rabbit in question. I call them Vienna Carriers if they have no visible white spots and Sports, or Vienna Marked, if they have blue eyes or the white spots. 


  • Breeding two BEW’s together will ensure a 100% litter of BEW’s - just like the REW breedings do. The reason for this is the BEW has two recessive genes on the Vienna allele (vv). When (vv) and (v v) are mated together ALL you can produce is (v v) BEW. Both of the genes on the allele in this case will be recessive.
  • Breeding a BEW (v v) to a Vienna Carrier (V v) you will expect in the litter 50% to be BEW and 50% to be carriers.
  • Breeding 2 Vienna carriers together (V v x V v) you will expect 25% BEW (v v), 25% Normal (V V) (no Vienna ) and 50% Vienna carriers (V v). See below:The Color of your vienna carriers depends on the rest of the genetic makeup of your white rabbit and who you breed it to. The BEW is simialr to the REW (albino) genein that the Vienna gene masks the other colors of the rabbit, only showing you the white coat and blue eyes. If you mate a BEW to a Black and you produce Agouti Vienna Carriers AaB-C-D-E-Vv this is because your BEW is really an Agouti in disguise. Because the Agouti gene (A) is dominant over the blacks self gene (a) ALL the babies born are Agouti Vienna Carriers carrying self.