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Loveable Pedigree Show Holland Lop Bunnies & Rabbits For Sale Sun Prairie Wisconsin

For sale now updated 2/2021

broken tort senior doe for sale  80.00 no pedigree or 175 with pedigree 
aluminum crocks for sale 5.00 each
wood nest boxes 5.00 each

New bunnies available soon - April 2021

Deposits being accepted on upcoming litter: 80.00

Please text 608-630-5078 to make an appointment to buy a bunny.  Others may be for sale now. New babies will be for sale soon deposits being taken on first 2020 litters.  Thanks.

Copy and paste this link to Paypal me instantly for pet bunny:

Copy and paste this link to Paypal me for a bunny no pedigree price:

BUNNIES for Sale now

fuzzy tort bunny 

fuzzy rew above sample pic

Bunnies Available NOW!

Available by appointment only.
 See contact us page for how to set an appointment.

Holland lops, fuzzy lops and one netherland dwarf doe for sale now.
Juniors and adults for sale and brood bucks and does for sale.

 sample pictures below


yes, I do have a wait list for holland lops right now!!

  • Pet buyers: please review all bunny basics That way you can take your new bunny home right away!
  • cash only or credit cards accepted here via paypal. No checks please. or you can prepay with paypal to hold one payment to [email protected]
  • I do reserve the right to cancel a sale.
  • No bunny is ever considered sold until full payment is received!
  • PAYPAL accepted to prepay by credit card or cash only in person. Also you can mail me a post office money order. Full payment required to hold a bunny.
  • Now accepting credit cards on site. Small 2.9% fee for using credit cards to cover paypal fees.

Blue Eyed White Bunnies and Sports

125.00 each for fuzzy blue eyed white babies.  wait list for all blue eyed whites 

picture of bew fuzzy lop

Buy A Pet Bunny Now with PayPal

So You Want To Buy A Pet Bunny?

A Note To Bunny Buyers before you make an appointment:

Email me to set an appointment to view and purchase for sale bunnies by appointment only at: [email protected]  If you don't hear back from me,  please re-email. Go to the contact us page for instruction on home to make an appointment to buy a bunny.

Please review the bunny basics page prior to making an appointment to purchase a bunny or picking out your bunny cages and supplies. Have a suitable cage ready for you new pet prior to making a purchase appointment. Realize that you may get alot of well intended, but bad information from other sites and even your vet telling you to feed your bunny greens/veggies and fruit.

#1 rule -- No fruit or veg under 6 months old and no LETTUCE EVER! Also no citrus fruits ever. Following the bunny basics page will ensure a happy healthy bunny.  Baby Bunnies are about 8 - 16 weeks old at the time of sale. Never earlier than 8 weeks. Please don't ask. ;) I know the itsy bitsy ones look cute, so come look at them but they dont have a good start if you buy them too young.

SOME bunnies may not be listed for sale. Fill out a bunny request form if you are looking for something particular and do not any listed here or to make an appointment to come see what is available. I don't list everything I have for sale. Sometimes they sell out before I can list them or I wasn't planning on sell that one.

No holds without full deposit.

If you want a particular bunny you must pay paypal immediately to hold that bunny or it may be sold. I do reserve the right to cancel a sale at any time. I will only hold a paid for bunny for one week. If you do not pick up your bunny after one week, it may be sold unless other arrangements are made with me in advance. No refunds are ever given. You may get a credit towards a different bunny, if others are still available.

Ruby eyed white bunny for sale now: bucks and does  - 6 for sale 11/2016

Blue Eyed Whites here. wait list. VM sports wait list 


I can only deliver bunnies to shows I am going to with a full non-refundable payment, via paypal click here (, money order or cash only. Payment should be made to email: [email protected] and include a general description of the bunny. Bunnies will only be put on hold with full prepayment, as I have many calls and emails and I cannot or will not hold any without a full payment. First come first serve --  to be fair to all. I NORMALLY DON'T BRING MANY FOR SALE TO THE SHOWS AS SPACE IS LIMITED.

I reserve the right to cancel a bunny sale for whatever reason at anytime. If there is a sale pending and you have not sent in your deposit this bunny may be sold. This is my policy.

Shipping to USA only unless you have have already obtained an import permit from your home country.

Shipping is available. See shipping page for more information.


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