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If you cannot keep one of my bred bunnies you purchased, please email me. I don't want to see any end up dumped or turned into a human society. I love my bunnies and will take them in. No refunds will be given, however I will keep them or look for a new forever home for them. Please email me if you cannot keep your bunny. Thanks, Michelle

I have a lifetime "take back" guarantee and will require that you please return the bunny if you cannot keep him or her. Thanks!

Deposits, Health Pledge and Warranty

Deposit/Payments on any bunnies are non-refundable! Regardless of the reason the deposit is never refunded, so make sure you want one before you prepay to hold it. I don't do any refunds, ever. All animals are sold on a first come first serve basis. I reserve the right to cancel a sale at any time regardless of the reason. If I don't feel it is a good fit or a good situation I may cancel the sale. This is my option as the owner. If you have not paid for an animal it may be sold or become unavailable for sale. I do not hold any animals for sale without full prepayment. This has always been and always will be my policy. I do not meet people out with animals. Please don't ask, I don't do this. This is for horses or animals. The ony delivery option that is possible is delivery to shows I attend or prepayed delivery of rabbits via Paypal, but that is only available if the animals is prepaid for. Possible delivery possible to Iowa. (due to family living there.) There is a 100.00 trip charge for delivery to Ankeny, Iowa. This is much cheaper than the airlines.

I will stand behind my bunnies for any genetic defect 100%. Replacement bunnies of equal or greater value will be exchanged for any bunny I breed that has any genetic defect. I don't breed defective bunnies and would want to know of any genetic issues.

Please email me for any questions or concerns about the health of your bunny... or in an emergency, please take your bunny to a vet.

Health guarantee on baby bunnies for 7 days from time of purchase only if you purchase your bunny feed from me at the time of sale. Due to so may other factors that go into a healthy rabbit, like fresh cold water, shade, clean hutch, quality feed etc, I can no longer offer free replacements rabbits.

Genetic defect guaranteed for life of bunny.

Warranty is null and void if you feed any other feed other than what you purchased from me. This change comes as the result of a buyer purchasing a baby rabbit and feeding it Nutrena that was over one year old which resulted in the death of a baby show rabbit. Also an off brand of feed was fed and the rabbit died within several days of switching off my feed . This warranty is also nullified if you feed your bunny any fruit or vegies when it is under 6 months old. If you feed an off brand of feed and your bunny dies, you really should take it up with the feed supplier, not me. They should be liable for that feed and bunny and may request the remaining feed be returned for testing purposes.

If you lost a bunny and it is after the 7 day period and less then one month, I can offer a replacement bunny at 50% off the original price just to be nice.

Youth may request a youth discount 10.00 off any bunny (not already on sale). Youth will be require to pay for their bunny with their own money.

4h kids are also eligible for youth discount and multi-purchase discount.

ARBA youth members are eligible for a $25.00 discount on one rabbit and an addition 10.00 off per rabbit more than one.

Proof of membership is required on all discounts for 4h or Arba. This mean that you must show your membership card to be eligible! No exceptions.