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Shipping is Currently Available right now 8/2018

  • once outdoor temperatures are under 20 degrees or over 85 degrees at all destination cities I cannot ship via airline.
  • Shipping is currently available
  • Shipping is currently available on days the temperature in Madison, WI is above 20 degrees and below 85 degrees. If you are thinking of shipping this year, do it soon before temperatures get high in summer.
  • cost for 1 basic holland lop to ship to USA is 450.00 flat rate which includes the rabbit, carrier, bowls, starter feed (1-2 cups of feed), vet weather acclimation required when weather is under 45 degrees, travel fee airport travel and check in (1.5 hours)
  • Prepay with post office money order or by credit card with Paypal (add $20.00 paypal fee if paying by credit card).
  • Fill out bunny request form as completely as possiblewith nearest airport.
  • door to door delivery is also possible to midwest states with prepayment and advanced notice.

Shipping Info

Number of Rabbits Shipped to date: 8

Shipping is not cheap and is time consuming, however if you must have one our bunnies, I will ship for you under these terms:

  • I will use American Airlines Cargo.
  • Minimum 125.00 in bunny purchase in order to ship, plus all shipping costs.
  • Will ship to continental USA and Canada at this time.
  • Prepay 450.00 via US post office money order or Paypal the money to start the process.
  • If the actual cost is more, I will send you a second invoice - you must pay that before I will book the flight. No refunds on any shipping/animal.
  • Rabbit travel insurance is optional and is your responsibility.
  • The bunnies would fly out of Madison, WI Airport and must be over 8 weeks old.

EXAMPLE - Actual cost may vary


One pedigree Holland Lops - show or brood types -


vet acclimation certificate if under 45 degrees

transport to airport

airline approved carrier cage- plus assembly charges - you keep the carrier cage w/ bowls & small bag of feed.

 American Airlines flight from Madison, WI airport to Florida (example here), shipping to Canada** costs a little bit more. Contact the airline and give them your nearest airport to determine what the actual cost would be.


total cost of all - estimate to be prepaid via money order or paypal to start the process


*This is an estimate. Please note that if the actual amount of shipping is more, the buyer will be required to pay the extra fees if applicable. Also note that shipping may not be available to all states during hot or cold seasons. I cannot ship under 20 degrees F or over 85 at any airport.