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Missed Horses

Please feel free to email me at [email protected] with current pictures of these missed horses or other pets and I will add them to our site:

Robin - Red Robin Bar - if anyone has information on Robin's whereabout please email me.

Ultima Looking Dunbar -Dunbar - would like to know what Dunbar is up to... Would love to see current pictures! I have been going to the buckskin shows with Lucky and have been thinking about this boy! Thanks. Michelle

2/14/2011 Fuzzy Lop bunny

Sheriff 6 GC Leg

2nd place out of 8 rabbits -- Junior Buck @ Badger RBA Jefferson, WI 3/8/09

BOV 9/2009 Misty Hills RBA - Best Broken holland lop, best broken senior buck

6 grands

More Sold Hollands

 Gotta Have It. One BOB. 4 GC legs.

LSB's Snow Storm 1 GC

 rew buck

LSB's Oreo with the Miller's 10/17/2008

GC LSB's BlackJack - 10 GC LEGS

GC LSB's Black Jack 10 time Grand Champion buck 

LSB's Bell Boy sold 3/9/08

3/8/08 Badger Show

LSB's Leo the Lop Lounges at his new home

For all you out there that ask about dogs and bunnies...I hope this answers that question...

Congrats to the Haas Family interesting in showing!

LSB's Mickey!! Congrats to his new owners!!

One of Snowbells Bunnies!! LSB's Earl

June 2007 - this bunny is out of LSB's Snowbell and Lsb's Boy Blue.